Welcome to our homework page!

Our homework will comprise of weekly activities for you to practice with your child, as well as some “for fun” activities. They will correspond with lessons taught in the classroom. We strongly encourage you to set aside time during the week to practice these concepts, especially reading! Homework will not need to be returned to us. This is simply a tool for you to use at home to support your child. We encourage you to limit screen time and spend time as a family playing inside and outside and having dinner together. Homework will be posted each week by Friday. Sometimes the activities will include workbook pages from our Math and Language Arts books. The Language Arts books will be sent home and will be kept at home. On weeks that math pages are assigned, the specific pages will be sent home in the Thursday folders.

Week of September 30: HW 1_2019

Week of October 7: HW 2_2019

Week of October 13: HW 3_2019

Week of October 21: hw 4_2019

Week of October 28: HW 5_2019

Week of November 4: HW 6_2019

Week of November 11: HW 7_2019

Homework will resume Dec. 2 

Week of December 2: HW 8_2019

Week of December 9: HW 9_2019

Week of January 6: HW 10_2020

Week of January 13: HW 11_2020

Week of January 27: HW 12_2020

Week of Februray 3:HW 13_2020

Week of February 10: HW 14_2020

Week of February 18:HW 15_2020

Week of February 24: HW 16_2020

Week of March 2: HW 17_2020

Week of March 9: HW 18_2020

Week of March 16: HW 19_2020

Week of March 23:HW 20_2020

Week of April 6: April 8

Week of April 13: April 13

Week of April 20:  April 20

Week of April 27: April 27

Week of May 4: HW May 4  This will be our last homework for the year!